Girls Basketball

  My name is Tom Nelson and I am entering my 23rd year as the head girl’s basketball coach here at CVHS.  I am honored to have this job and I love the great hard working girls that give everything they have to this program every year.  This year is no different as I am looking forward to this team and the great group of girls that will make this a team for the school and community to be proud of.  Coach Robin Rolls has been my assistant every season and we like working together and really understand each other and our expectations.  We love to come and work hard for the players and see them be successful in basketball, school, and life.
Below you will find our game schedule, and then at the bottom of the page I have attached both the practice calendar and team rules and expectations.  Thank you for looking at our website and I hope you find this information and links helpful.
Coach Nelson
Coach Rolls


DATE              OPPONENT                           PLACE                        EAMS                      TIME

DEC. 8            NEODESHA                          CANEY                       V/JV/C                       5:00

DEC. 18         DEWEY OKLA.                     CANEY                      V/JV                           6:00

JAN. 5            SEDAN                                   CANEY                       V/JV                           6:00

JAN. 8YATES CENTER                    YATES CENTER        V/JV/C                       5:00

JAN. 12  ERIE                                       CANEY                      V/JV/C                       5:00

JAN. 15  FREDONIA                            FREDONIA                V/JV/C                       5:00

JAN. 18-22WILSON CO CLASSIC         NEODESHA              VAR.                           TBA

JAN. 26   EUREKA                                EUREKA                    V/JV/C                       5:00

JAN. 29   NEODESHA                          NEODESHA              V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 2      BURLINGTON                      CANEY                       V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 5     HUMBOLDT                         HUMBOLDT             V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 9          CHERRYVALE                  CANEY                       V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 12     YATES CENTER                    CANEY                       V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 16     DEWEY OKLA.                     DEWEY                      V/JV                           TBA

FEB. 19     ERIE                             ERIE                           V/JV/C                       5:00

FEB. 23    FREDONIA                            CANEY                       V/JV/C                      5:00

FEB. 29-5  SUB-STATE                       TBA                            VAR.                           TBA

MAR. 7-11  STATE                                Hutchinson               VAR.                           TBA

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